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Welcome to
Dawn's Dance Connection!

We are Northwest Iowa's #1 dance studio and have been for the past 28 years!  We are located on HWY 9 behind KUOO in Spirit Lake and on the corner o
f 1st and She
rman in Jackson, Minnesota.  Not only do we provide TOP NOTCH dance/tumbling instruction but we also supply dance shoes and attire.

Recital Tickets open April 1st!

Jackson Recital (May 2nd & 3rd 7:30pm):

Spirit Lake Recital (May 10th 7:30pm & May 11th 1:30pm): Click Here for Spirit Lake Recital Tickets


The study of dance or tumbling provides opportunities to develop a positive self-concept, be motivated to be physically fit, appreciate music, develop creativity and leadership skills, make new friends, manage stress, and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and agility.  Our goals are: 

- perform with body, mind, and soul
- Increase coordination, poise, and grace to ultimately increase self-confidence
- Develop technique
- Appreciate the art of dance
- And most importantly...HAVE FUN!!!

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