Listed below are the various levels and their corresponding price schedules and styles to choose from. All prices include tax. Before viewing these class offerings, please note the following particulars about each level:

3-4 years (Preschoolers); Pre-students must be 3 years of age by September 1st and be potty trained. Pre-Dance/Tumbling is a 45 minute class consisting of both dance and tumbling.  

Any girls 10 or older with at least 2 years of ballet may register for Pointe. Pointe can never be taken by itself; it may only be registered for in conjunction with ballet. Pointe students do not perform in the recital until their 2nd year.  

7th Grade and older classes(Level 3/4) are longer and more technically challenging than level 2 classes. Only those students looking seriously into dance as a profession or those who truly desire more intense classes should register for level 3 classes. Keep in mind, however, that enrollment in level 3 classes is subject to the approval of the instructor. These classes are usually held later in the evening. 


LEVEL 1: 3-4 years; Pre-Dance/Tumbling (45 min) 
1 class/week = $39/month

LEVEL 2: TK/K-12th Grade (60 min)                                          
Choose from:Ballet, Tap/Jazz, Tumbling, Modern(6th grade & older)
1 class/week = $49.00/month 
2 classes/week = $84.00/month 
3 classes/week = $114.00/month
4 classes/week = $144.00/month
Additional Level 2 Classes:
*Pointe (30 min class) add $25/month
     *MUST be at least 10 yrs old AND enrolled in Ballet      
*Hip Hop (30 min class) add $25/month
      *3rd grade & older
LEVEL 3: 8th-12th grade
***MUST be enrolled in Ballet to register for this level***
Choose from: Adv Ballet (75 min), Adv Tap/Jazz (75 min), Modern (60 min), Lyrical (60 min)
1 class/week = $59.00/month 
2 classes/week = $104.00/month
3 classes/week = $144.00/month
4 classes/week = $179.00/month
5 classes/week = $209.00/month
Additional Level 3 Classes:
*Adv Pointe (30 min) add $25/month
*Hip Hop (30 min) add $25/month

******NEW FOR 2019!!!!******
Hip Hop Only (30 min class for ages 3rd & older) add $30/month



LEVEL 1: 3-4 years; Pre-Dance & Tumbling (45 min) 
1 class/week = $39.00/month 

LEVEL 2: TK-6th Grade; Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class
TK/Kindergarten (60 minutes) $49.00/month
1st-6th Grade (90 minutes) $74.00/month
Additional Level 2 classes:
*Pre-Pointe (30 min) add $20/month
     *MUST be 10 yrs or older 
*Hip Hop (30 min) add $25/month
*3rd grade and older

LEVEL 3: 7th-12th Grade (60 Minute Classes)
Choose from Ballet, Tap/Jazz, Modern
1 class/week = $49.00/month
2 classes/week = $84.00/month
3 classes/week = $114/month
Additional Level 3 classes:
*Pointe (30 Min) add $25/month
      *MUST be enrolled in Ballet
 Hip Hop (30 min) add $25/month

LEVEL 4: 9th-12th Grade
**MUST be enrolled in Ballet to Register for this level**
Choose from Ballet (75 min), Tap/Jazz (75 min), Modern (60 min), Lyrical (60 min)
1 class/week: $59/month
2 classes/week: $104/month
3 classes/week: $144/month
4 classes/week: $179/month
Additional Level 4 classes:
Pointe add $25/month
* Hip Hop add $25/month

******NEW FOR 2019!!!!******
Hip Hop Only (30 min class for ages 3rd & older) add $30/month


Students are organized into classes by ability, not age. Once the season begins, whether or not a student will be moved into a different class will be determined by 2 factors: class performance and class attendance.

Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Often a child is placed in a particular group or class where he or she will feel confident, in order to promote the development of self-esteem. Some students who are placed in a higher level become discouraged, only to lose their passion for dance. Others respond to the challenge of being in a class with students who are more proficient by pushing themselves to work harder. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.

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