"Phenomenal dance studio! Love that all the instructors have an extensive background in dance and choreography. Their love and knowledge of all things dance is evident not only in their recitals but in the week to week classes and teaching of their students. A million thanks to the entire Dawn’s Dance Connection team at the Jackson studio!" -Alyssa Burmeister

"My daughter goes to Dawn's Dance Connection in Jackson, MN. Dawn did such an amazing thing by bringing her studio to Jackson, as what comes with it is the most amazing teachers who instill a positive love for dance in everyone they teach. Their love for dance is passed down to the students and it shows through their performances during recital week. The knowledge and background these teachers hold is amazing as well. They teach proper technique through and through. My daughter has only been dancing for two years now but you would never be able to tell when they are on stage. I cannot thank Dawn and the rest of the staff at DDC enough. Dawn's is so much more than just a Dance Studio, it is truly a Dance Family that is teaching these students so much more than just dance!"- Krista Kreiger

"Our daughter recently completed her first year of dance, and I cannot even begin to describe the wonderful experience that we had with Dawn's Dance Connection in Jackson (MN)! As a former dancer (from 4-18 y.o.), I was excited for my daughter to give dance a try. She takes a bit to warm up to any situation or person that she encounters, and that was definitely the case with her first year of dance.

"From day one, Dawn's was warm and inviting and SOOOOO wonderful with my daughter, and the other kids. My daughter went from a VERY anxious shoe fitting at the beginning of the year (THANK YOU, STEPH, for helping her conquer her fear of the unknown that day) to LOVING EVERY MOMENT of recital week and asking when she would get to see her teacher, Abbi, and go back to dance again (on our drive home from the final recital night). Luckily, I had an answer for her... summer dance camp = booked and on the calendar!

EVERYTHING about Dawn's is top of the line. The teachers have incredible talent that is evident in their choreography and the technical skills that their students showcase during their performances. And, on top of the technical greatness, the teachers are wonderful, caring people who genuinely love and nurture their students to grow into confident, expressive, beautiful people.

And the recitals... words cannot describe. If you have ever sat through a dance recital, twiddling your thumbs and looking at your watch, you NEED to go to one of Dawn's recitals. Even before my daughter was a student at Dawn's, I went to her recitals in Jackson and, EVERY YEAR, I have been completely blown away.

We could not be more happy with Dawn's, and look forward to MANY more amazing years of dance and friendship in the future! Thank you to everyone (and special shoutout to Abbi) for a beautiful introduction to dance for our daughter!" -Ashley Schmit

"Dawn’s Dance Connection Jackson has been such a blessing to our family! In terms of trained teachers, teaching dance technique, and fun, DDC Jackson is second to none! My girls love to go to class and love recital week to share what they have learned. I love that they grow, are challenged weekly, and cared for by the teachers and the whole DDC family. It truly is a studio that provides so much more than just dance. My daughters continue to grow in leadership skills, blossom with self-confidence, and are determined to improve after every class. I can’t get either of my girls to stop dancing. A passion that is fueled and encouraged by DDC! Thank you for doing what you do and doing it to a very high standard. We are so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Dawn’s Dance Connection family!" -Amanda Benda

"My daughter and son dance with Dawn's Dance Connection (Jackson, MN Studio) and it is nothing but a positive experience. My daughter danced at a different studio until the teacher retired and the skills and techniques she learned at DDC FAR outweighed anything she could have achieved previously. The first class she came home and said, "We are actually learning DANCE technique...not just a routine!"
DDC's teachers are all qualified with dance / choreography education and experience and it shows. My daughter was even contacted by a college dance team recruiter who had seen the DDC recital and was impressed by the skills the students had.
My son also joined the boy's hip hop group. This was a first for him and he loved it and it also gave him benefits that contribute to his other athletic activities. He plans on going back next year.
I think because the studio has such a reputation of excellence..some assume the kids do not have fun. This couldn't be further from the truth. The kids have FUN! DDC is an excellent value for the skills that my children have gained. I also love the camaraderie between the Spirit Lake studio kids. If your child wants to learn dance and have fun...I recommend Dawn's Dance Connection."-Alison Stumpf

"My daughter and son both were accepted into high quality dance programs at the college level. Maddie into the University of Iowa BA in Dance and Nate into Boston Conservatory’s Musical Theatre BFA at Berklee College of Music. Dawn’s Dance Connection provides exceptional training in ballet that cannot be found at other studios in the area. The studio has a dance family atmosphere, where dancers of all skill levels are celebrated and supported on their dance journey."- Jack Walsh

"When I first started looking for dance studios for my daughter, I wanted to do research. I was a dancer for many years and knew I wanted quality instruction. I am not a local person from Jackson so I'm not biased towards any studio. The year I was looking happened to be the first year opening of both dance studios in Jackson. After researching the biographies of the dance instructors at both studio options, Dawn's Dance Connection stood out with their decades of experience in dance instruction and training. We now just completed our 3rd year at Dawn's in Jackson and boy did I make the right choice! The instruction is exceptional and the technique is the difference maker! Anyone can teach steps but technique is a learned skill from the beginning! I am so happy with my daughter's growth in both skill and technique each year! On top of all that, the instructors care so much for our kids and make it such a fun environment. The bonds the girls/boys have formed is immeasurable! Thank you so much to Dawn & her staff who have dedicated their time and talent to our Jackson studio! I am blown away each year by their performances! Dawn's Dance Connection in Jackson is highly recommended. Come join the studio and I promise you will see the difference!"-Elizabeth Sathoff

"After struggling a few years to find a good fit for our daughter, who suffers from anxiety issues, we joined Dawn's new studio in Jackson this past year. We could not have been happier with our choice. The feeling of being a part of a family makes my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. The teachers genuinely get to know each of their students. They nurture yet teach. They push yet guide. They keep that love of dance growing. They make it fun yet provide the dance education they deserve. The confidence our daughter gained in one year fills our hearts with joy. Dawn, Abbi, Katie and the rest of the staff are top notch!"-Jennifer Beseke

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